Full Name
Lauren Moss-Racusin
Speaker Title
College Care Clinician, Yale College Community Care
Speaker Bio
Dr. Moss-Racusin (lauren.moss-racusin@yale.edu) completed a Bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Language and Literatures from Boston University, followed by a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Connecticut, a clinical internship at the counseling center at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a postdoctoral fellowship at the counseling center at Temple University. She is passionate about contributing to the linguistic and cultural inclusivity of the mental health field, and about using psychotherapy as a platform through which to advance social justice. As a clinician, she helps individuals to understand themselves and their relationships, to learn adaptive ways to engage with their thoughts and feelings, and to make healthful changes. Dr. Moss-Racusin loves working with university students on the range of life issues they may be facing, including psychological distress; trauma; identity development; discrimination; familial, peer, and romantic relationships; academic and occupational decisions and pressures; and growing independence.